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വിരലറ്റം. - Life of an Young IAS Officer By Muhammed Ali Shihab IAS

Updated: Sep 6, 2020


The book is written by Mr Muhammed Ali Shihab IAS ,who is now posted as District Collector of Kifire District in Nagaland. The book is a big source of inspiration and motivation who is planning for IAS exams or are facing any challenges in their life.

Normally for a civil service officer his autobiography will be coming at the retirement phase of his life covering the  service stories of his life. But this autobiography is special because here the author is telling  his life story until he got selection to Civil Service.

The author was admitted to an orphanage at an age of 11 due to death of his father and his economic condition in family.At a small age he was destabilised mentally due to the insecurity received from the society at that small age and the feeling of being an orphan craved his heart. But through the book he is explaining how he built a life from no where by his hardworking and dedication.

The last part of the book is emphasising on a meeting held at his orphanage for congratulating the author for his achievement ,where  he asked the students gathered there about their ambition. Majority of the students of that orphanage screamed IAS. So he wants to make it clear that due to his life, that students got the courage to dream big. The entire purpose of the book is to pass on this courage to the society to dream big and fight back with the circumstances that have got in their life.

I wish to divide the book into three sessions, first part that broadly describes the authors life as a loving son of his father in his small village. Even-though difficulties are there the boy was happy with the situations. He was interested in taking care of his father's business rather that going to school and studying.The author uses his talent in Malayalam literature to draw in our minds a beautiful picture of his small village and the bondage between people and nature, people and people and family.In the second session he is describing his life in the orphanage. He is detailing the initial days in his orphanage which will bring tears in our eyes, as how difficult it is for a kid to accept himself as an orphan.The third session of the book is his life after his orphanage days, while he is working in various jobs and attending so make exams for government jobs. the session end with a detailed note on his preparation towards Civil Service Examination.

The most favourite lines I got from this book is when the author tells about his style of studying in page number 161. He created his own style for his studies which was the thump rule for his success.Create your own style is that I got from this man's preparation pattern.

The book is really a source of inspiration for those who believes that our family situations are not enough for creating our own dreams. He from his own experience says that whatever may be your life situations, Hard work and consistency can change your life to a new phase.

Book published By DC Books.

Price:Rs 180

Author :Mr Muhammed Ali Shihab IAS

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