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Blowing Visitations (Sneha Victor)

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

"Blowing Visitations" is an anthology of poems by Sneha Victor, which were earlier released on various social media platforms. This book is the author's first paperback publication and is turning out to be a welcoming bloom for an elegant springtime.

The layout of the book itself is a unique and engaging one. All the book's pages on the left-hand side contain nearly 100 small poems, including two liners quoted by the author on various incidents. The pages on the right-side carry pictures picked radiantly, which underpin the essence of the lyrics.

The poems are principally on parents, solitude, social disorders, love, and hope. The words are pouring from the author's heart, and I believe the lines are the narration of her own feelings in life. The main takeaways to me from this title were:

  • The poems teach us a lot about the value of our parents and home. The author very well portrays the level of emptiness during the absence of parents, and those lines will dismay us and will push us to hug them once more.

  • To accept that the creation of woman is a miracle. "To be a woman is to be a poem. Written to redefine... the beauty of life." The above lines reminded me of the shifting of roles in a woman's life just as water taking the shape of its container.

  • Our life is a hybrid of love, hope, and solitude; the three remain interconnected, and one will subsequently displace the other. The author has taken models from cosmos such as flowers, waves, butterflies, etc. to substantiate the similarity.

The most beautiful lines from this book for me were, "Make me pretty. Even after being plucked." ( "OH SILENCE." )

The book is very much readable to the starters and serious readers who prefer small English poems. This book will serve as a stimulus for those who have inhibition in mind to publish their writings. The book has 190 pages and is priced @ Rs 150.

Sneha Victor is an English teacher at GVHSS Njekkad, Varkala. She holds Post Graduation in English language and literature from Kerala University. She is very active in social media for her poems and other writings.

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