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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ( John Gray)

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Being a new generation banker, I have come across the family life of many of my colleagues,which is going through severe impediments further many now divorced. When I retrieve the predicaments they encountered , most of them were minimal insignificant problems that are handled by most of the successful couples also. Many of times, I used to think that if there were some device which is simpler, common, and effective than the so-called Counseling sittings, that would have provided the couples a more harmonious partnership. To append on we should be able to offer them the same device before the difficulties create any collateral damages.

While holding this book, I spotted a solution, which can serve as this device to some degree, for all those couples. The book is something that can be described as a relationship guide. In this book, as the title indicates, the author defines "Men" and "Women" are from different planets with different behavioral, communication, and emotional patterns. Most of the issues that arise in the spousal life begin when Men and Women forget that they are from different planets, and their patterns are different. Once if they can absorb each other's patterns and able to understand their reactions with the help of these patterns, their life will be as that in paradise.

For all those who are in a relationship with the opposite sex, at whatever stage they may be, this book can help them to possess a more fulfilling relationship. The problems that one faces in a relationship can be paraphrased as "We desire them to "want what we want " and "feel the way we feel". " In this book, the author is molding us to change this purview and change our desire for their wants and feels.

The book is going through so many practical resolutions, and even communication drills to refurbish our relationships. The book also extends so many numbers of exchanges among couples for aligning with the postulates in this book in daily life, which I felt is very beneficial to the pair. Even though many of these conversations will not fit fully into the Indian culture, the essence will be valuable.

I didn't feel the last session of writing letters for clearing the emotional dumbs, not that much practical, maybe because of my time constraints. The only thing I felt cynical about this book was, the book is quite prolix with 300 pages, which many times, gives you the feeling "yet to go."


My rating is 4.5 out of 5


About the author:John Gray (born December 28, 1951) is an American relationship

counselor, lecturer and author. In 1969, he began a nine-year association with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi before beginning his career as an author and personal relationship counselor. In 1992 he published the book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, which became a long term best seller and formed the central theme of all his subsequent books and career activities. His books have sold millions of copies.


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