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Positive Personality Profiles (Robert A Rohm)

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The most useful book I have ever read about personality profiles. This book explains the key differences in basic personality types and gives realistic insights into how people respond to diverse situations.

The book is not dealing with the best personality type one should possess rather it explains to you the differences & characteristics of various behaviors. The book will train you how to manage these different personalities to bring out the best from each personality. Numerous life examples and personalities from the bible and history have been quoted throughout the book for having better precision. The "DISC" concept is explained in detail throughout this book. When we finish the first chapter we will get a "wow' feeling by knowing that we belong to one of these personality profiles. The subsequent chapters will be a comprehensive review of our own personality profile and will answer many of our questions regarding why I behave like this.

The "DISC" Concept

Dr. Robert, the author of this book, demonstrates the "four temperaments" model of human behavior, and the four temperaments consist of Outgoing(Fast-Paced), Reserved (Slower- Paced), Task-Oriented and People-Oriented. The concept is well explained in the diagram. We all are a unique blend of these four traits. The book says that in about 80 % of the general population, people will have at least two areas that tend to dominate their personality style, while the other two areas will be less dominant.

The book not only assists us to recognize our personality traits but it throws light to understand others also. It explicates the drastic transition a parent or teacher can create if he or she can identify the child's personality profile and know how to nourish that particular profile. I will suggest this book not only to parents and teachers but also to all leaders who want to build a hybrid and proactive organization.

The book with 200 pages is a must-read book for all and is available on amazon. The book costs ₹ 3,299.00 but I think it is worth this price.

Dr. Robert A. Rohm is a world-class communicator, keynote speaker, DISC training expert who entertains and enlightens audiences with his keen insight into relationships and personal development. Dr. Rohm has profoundly impacted the lives of millions through his presentations designed to raise people’s awareness and appreciation of differing perspectives.


My rating is 4.9 out of 5


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Aneesha S
Aneesha S
05. Okt. 2021

If you are trying to understand yourself, co-worker next to you, your wife,children r who all related to you, this book will make sense of it all! It made me realise what am why am so and hw cn I deal with it. I highly recommend it for anyone who deals with people.its a realisation about ourselves and others in a simple and humbly way.

And the reviewer did his role all way good.

Gefällt mir

05. Okt. 2021


Gefällt mir
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