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The Psycho-Path of Investing:A neurofinance Perspective (Dr. Vimosh Venugopal)

This literature is a comprehensive explanation of the relationship between brain functions and investment choices. The book is a guide to the investors and the advisors regarding the biological facet of decision and judgment making in investment. If you are an investor, and many a time, you have the insight, "why I executed such a decision without a logical framework?" Then the book above has got the answers for you.

The author discusses various aspects of Neuroscience and biophysics in connection with decision making and has contributed many insights for investors. The term as minted by the author "Brain Fan" is most suited to the author himself. The book unveils how enormously the author invested in interpreting the correlation between brain functions and the investments, and for sure, the readers are benefited from this.

The valuable learning points for me from this book were:

  • The trial is to assure that we don't respond impetuously while investing.

  • To mature as a triumphant investor, we should oblige our outer, reflective, logical brain.

The most delicate lines from the book were, of course, from the last page:

"So are we being irrational when we seek reward, avoid risk or extra sensitive to change? Of Course not- we're just being human! It's because we are being made so.."

If you are an investor/advisor and crave to enhance your quality of booking business-OR- are you an earnest brain fan, then this is your pick.

This is a short book with 96 pages and priced at RS 120.

Dr. Vimosh Venugopal hails from Thrissur, Kerala. He is a banker by profession and presently serves as an officer in the State Bank of India. He is globally accredited as a Charted Wealth Manager and a Certified Financial Planner. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Financial Planning and Wealth Management. He is also a Limca Book of Record holder for having recited the digits of the mathematical constant-"Pi" in the record time.

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