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" ); $row = mysql_fetch_array( $results ); var_dump( $row ); The result is an array of strings with all the valid urls array(1) { [0]=> string(35) "" } How can i turn this into a url? I would like to open this pdf in a new browser window. A: You can use Simple HTML DOM Parser to achieve that: require'simple_html_dom.php'; $doc = file_get_html(''); foreach($doc->find('a') as $element) { $links[] = $element['href']; print_r($links); Of course you can add more filters or you can have something like: foreach($doc->find('a[href*="/Conferans/Expositori/PDF/"]') as $element) { There are no problems, I even tested it on my own server and it's working fine. I guess, the main problem is that you want to have more than one result from the "a" tag in the HTML. As you can see from the source code of your page, there's only one such tag, and the values are loaded from the url attribute. If you look for the "target" attribute, you'll see that it's empty. The only thing the links do is changing the source of the page. If you want to have a link for each pdf file, you'll need to: get the data from your page (this is done by Simple HTML DOM Parser) then loop through the data and create a link for each url That's it, I hope this helps :) - 0 . 3 L e t z = 1 2




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Makhzaneadabpdfdownload erzfary

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